Why yes, yes we did just Tweet that.

Everyday in the month of February, we are posting our old passwords to our most important accounts on Twitter.

Uh.. why?

Did seeing our bank password grab your attention? We want to shed light on the importance of password security. Changing your password regularly prevents against any security issues and keeps your accounts safe. You don’t want your most personal information vulnerable, do you?

Ok, so why should I care?

How important is changing your password regularly? It’s secure enough, right? You have a mix of caps and lowercase letters, you have numbers, and there is no way a hacker knows your third grade teacher’s last name anyway. Well, unfortunately for you and your third grade teacher, it happens more often than you think. In fact, most people use the same password for every account, and most companies can’t detect a compromised account in their company.

We’re not just talking about updating passwords, but finding old, insecure, even duplicate passwords. Updating them regularly will guard your most private and sensitive information.

We here at TeamPassword cannot emphasize enough just how imperative it is to keep your security in check. That is why everyday this month, we are tweeting out our old passwords to our most important accounts.

If you can’t take 5 minutes to change your password, take 15 minutes to change your password management.

What do you guys do about it?

TeamPassword manages all of your passwords and keeps it in one tidy login. Storing your passwords to all of your accounts in one place that you and your team can access makes it a heck of a lot easier to collaborate. It’s less messy and more secure than the old spreadsheet that’s been shared around.

Updating your passwords? Easily put in the new info, and boom (!!!) your team has access.

Password Generator

(don’t use this password: it’s already taken.)

Need help creating a solid password? We got you.

While updating our passwords, we used the 32 character length password option with both symbols and digits.

Say, those are great points! How should I do this?

That, indeed, is a great question!

If you’re finding it difficult to stay on top of all your accounts and that old (and let’s be honest, not super secure) spreadsheet just isn’t cutting it, let us step in and help.

You don’t need to change your passwords every day for 29 days. All you need to do is check us out at TeamPassword. Set up a meeting with us! We’d love to go over what we can do to help you keep your most important accounts secure.

TeamPassword makes password management super simple so you can focus on the things that make your product, and your company, awesome!

P.S. (if you change your password, tweet about it! #29passwords)