Let me know if this describes you: TeamPassword is the most cherished product in your personal life, but you’re conflicted because Safari is your favorite browser. You spend a few hours every day struggling between the two loves of your life, causing great anxiety in your life. Your coworkers are frustrated that most of your work hours are spent deciding between TeamPassword and Safari, and your close friends are sick of hearing about how much you love TeamPassword.

What if I told you that you no longer need to choose between the two?

Now announcing TeamPassword for Safari! Fill in login forms with your shared logins from TeamPassword, update logins, or create new shared logins all right from your browser.

Here’s how it works, when you browse to a service where the login information is shared in TeamPassword, simply click the TeamPassword extension and all shared logins for that page will be show at the top of the list. Click the name of the login you’d like to use and we’ll fill that login form in for you!

Multiple logins per site? No worries—we’ll show you everything we got and you pick the best fit.

Want to come to TeamPassword first? We can do that too! Open the TeamPassword Safari extension, click any account, and we’ll browse to that URL and then fill in the form for you.

Even in the extension you still have all the TeamPassword login tools available, you can sort by group and search by keyword, or both! We’re confident using this extension is the missing ingredient to take all of the amazing collaboration you’re doing in TeamPassword and giving yourself a huge productivity level up.

When you’re ready to take the plunge: Install the TeamPassword Safari Extension here.

If there’s anything we can do to make this extension even better, please let us know! We’re super excited to get our Safari extension out into the world, we hope you love it as much as we do.