Mohit Dilawari is the Senior Engineering Director at Localytics. Localytics is the leading mobile engagement platform. They give companies the insights and tools they need to grow and engage with their customer base. Approaching 200 employees, Localytics serves such companies at The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Hulu.


Mohit’s role is to manage and run a portion of the engineering team, specifically those that work on their product’s backend and platform. When he first started with Localytics five years ago, the entire company comprised of about 10 employees. Now, he has 3 managers reporting into him, with 4-5 direct reports each. The entirety of the Localytics engineering team is made up of about 45 people, 50 including management.


Buzzwords one might use to describe Localytics include analytics, big data, and marketing automation. Essentially, their business takes in a lot of data from mobile apps and gives it to their clients. This gives them insight into their customer base with predictive analytics. This allows their clients to market directly to their customers via in app messaging and push messaging. Their entire company is born out of mobile and cloud technologies.


At 10 people when Mohit started, Localytics was definitely the smallest company he had ever worked for, and now at 180, it’s one of the biggest. He was attracted to Localytics for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, the mission spoke to him. He was also interested in the tech stock as well as the prior success of the team. He was interested to see what a company with only 10 people could do.


Today, his daily work flow is completely different from when he started. He now has more of a manager schedule – heavy on meetings with a few personal projects sprinkled in. By and large, he delegates most of the engineering work to his team. His main concerns focus on how the roadmap is looking and is the company meeting the goals and needs of their clients? He bends toward the architecture, making sure they’re going on the right path. However, because he does have the technical know how and the experience, he tries to be as hands-on as possible.  He still “hacks on stuff” in his spare time.


What’s important to Mohit is that he, along with his team, have built a cool product and he works every day with good people. He prides the company on having hard working, talented engineers and in his words, “no jerks!”


We asked Mohit a few questions about us. He would describe TeamPassword as an way way to share passwords within his organization. For Localytics, TeamPassword solves the problems he has with the databases his team uses that only allows one single data admin. Because Localytics is a Software as a Service, some of the products they use are are not password controlled, and have just one password account. It also helps when teams change hands – this way when someone leaves, they can change the accessibility that person has to any account.


Though Mohit was the person to initially sign up for TeamPassword, choosing us over CommonKey, he admits that he doesn’t use it every day. If her were more hands on, he would, but his team uses it daily.


As far as his TeamPassword wishlist, Mohit would love to see a Google Apps integration. This way, when someone signs into Google Apps, which they use for other things within their daily workflow, they can SSO into TeamPassword. If he needs to kill someone’s account, he can do it from the Google level. He’d also love to see a forced password setting, making it mandatory for his team to change their passwords once every 6 months or so.


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