It’s not everyday that we meet somebody as passionate and excitable about online security as us at TeamPassword. In May, we met our match. Robert Lowry is the Director of Information Security at VTS, a New York based startup that prides itself as the #1 platform for leasing and asset management. He admitted to us that VTS has been a longtime user of TeamPassword, and predates even when he started, back in August of 2015.

Lowry has always worked in the world of cyber security. After college, he began stints at the Department of Defense and the Federal Reserve.  Lowry followed a friend and fellow colleague over to NASDAQ at a time when application security was really taking off.  He took the opportunity to work with VTS as his interests in SAAS grew. He knew he wanted to work for a startup, but played his hand carefully. “I knew I didn’t want to go to any old startup,” Lowry admits, “B2B is my expertise and VTS fit like a glove.”

As Lowry closes the chapter on year one at VTS, he finds himself enjoying the many hats that an employee of startup would find himself or herself wearing. His daily workflow involves all of teams in the company. He is a stakeholder on the Platform Team, managing all sides while working together with team members to ensure that the platform itself if following the right procedures. This includes monthly dynamic scans and code scans on the platform side and giving people the right level of account access and making sure applications and services are integrated properly on the organizational side.

Lowry even has a hand in the sales side of the company. When a customer has a question about the company’s security, he will put together a lengthy document going over how VTS’ procedures work. He’ll send his report over to the customer, and should they have any follow up questions, he’s happy to jump on the phone. Every once in awhile, he will include himself in the Sales Team’s demos, just so a potential customer can really understand how much VTS values security.

When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Lowry responded with excitement, professing that he loves being able to come up with creative solutions to everyday security issues.

It goes without saying that somebody who has spent the entirety of their career in cyber security needs a reliable service to securely store and share passwords. Lowry describes TeamPassword as, “a secure way to share your passwords with teammates or other people in your organization, in a world where you can’t really.” He recognizes the hard truth that many companies, when it comes to passwords, will traditionally just write them down or add them to an insecure spreadsheet, even when they are told not to.

The everyday problem of sharing even just small snippets of information comes to Lowry’s mind when he thinks of TeamPassword as a solution. He recalls situations in the past when a coworker has needed to share something so small, it’s not even a file – like a password or even one sentence filled with valuable information. What they could do is attach a text file and add an encryption, but Lowry recognizes that this process involves too much overhead, and honestly, is too cumbersome for most people to do or set up.  Having something specifically made to share and store small bytes of information has proven very valuable for him.

Lowry uses TeamPassword every day. He recalls how it comes in handy at times when teammates are on the road and they need access to credit card information from Finance, or when a new hire needs the wifi password. Everybody in the company has access to certain accounts, such as the product blog, so having a way to share those particular passwords is a lot easier than creating some “easy to remember” password, and rotating it out every so often. “Pretty much anything sensitive, we’ve come to rely on TeamPassword as a place to store it.”

When asked what he would do to improve TeamPassword, there was one thing Robert Lowry felt very strongly about – integrating Saml. “Saml integration would be big for us,” he shares,  “Coming from NASDAQ, anytime we were integrating with a third party, using Saml was one of my requirements for our vendors.” Alongside Saml, Lowry also feels strongly about enforcing 2-factor authentication.

Lowry expressed enthusiasm for what’s ahead for TeamPassword, prying into when certain features will be made available to him. His passion for cyber security really shines through when he speaks on what he likes about TeamPassword and where he thinks the service could strengthen. “The whole model, as a security person, is really the right way to do things,” he says.