Are you ready to party, Firefox users? We’ve recently released the 2.0 version of our Firefox extension, with a number of perks which will make your password management experience even better. Let’s jump right in!

First off, let’s talk about Addon Signing my Mozilla. Where this was previously an optional step, newer versions of Firefox require add ons to be signed, otherwise your browser will show a scary warning message (and eventually, they’ll be disallowed altogether.) Nobody likes scary warning signs. From 2.0 on, our add on will always be signed by Mozilla for additional peace of mind.

Here’s something cool: Self Updating! It has always been our intention to get TeamPassword into the Firefox Addon Store. However, we have learned that we are not eligible. Insert sad face here. We were planning on using that marketplace as our update distribution network, but, since is not a viable possibility for us, we decided to build it in ourselves! This means you’ll no longer need to download new version of the add on when updates are available. Insert happy face here.

Speaking of happy faces, have you seen our brand new look? Go take a look, we’ll wait.

Okay great, now that you’ve seen it, we’re happy to announce that this look is also a part of the Firefox addon!

Now, are you ready for a little behind the scenes action? We’ve made a number of backend improvements to make form filling work more dependable while improve performance. It may not always be in your face, but it will always in your heart.

So if you’re still operating under the the old version of our Firefox extension, go ahead and  update already! We’ll make it easy for you. Click here  to get started.