You may have observed a few changes here and there over at TeamPassword. If you have, good! That means our work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The team has spent the past few months creating a brand identity that we feel aligns with both our own identity and how we view our relationship with you, our customers.

Don’t get us wrong, our previous look was nice and definitely served its purpose, but if we’re being real, it was kind of thrown together once the business started to take off. We needed a look and we needed it fast, so our team created a logo, a message, and a brand. We wanted to show our customers who we were, while conveying simplicity and collaboration: the value we bring to you.

Why the change?

It took us a few years to really get to know our customers. How did they perceive us? Once we started figuring out who we were working with, we were better able steer more into the direction of our true identity.

We know we have a lot to offer. Who we are and what we do is directly reflected off of the easy and convenience we allow our clients to feel when working on projects, or developing their own products. In our eyes, that just wasn’t coming through with the old brand, which, as much as we liked it, felt like a placeholder from the beginning. We wanted to come across as a company with whom people wanted to associate. Would so-and-so from X company want to wear our shirt around town? Would anyone put our stickers on their laptops? These were the hard-hitting scientific questions we asked ourselves in the re-brand process.

So? How’d it go?

Let’s just say that we owe a lot of the magical re-branding credit to Ocupop. Ocupop is a kickass creative agency that specializes in branding. They had a good understanding of our needs as well as the insight and knowledge we needed to get productive feedback. Our team vibed with their team from the very beginning and all throughout the process.

We were faced with our fair share of challenges, of course. One in particular was seeing progress objectively. When you’re so ingrained in a product, it can be difficult to let go of certain aspects even if they’re not working. Luckily, so many of us were busy in the grind of other things, we were able to look at changes and updates with fresher eyes. This was, however, a very opinionated project. We didn’t put this to a vote or solve the problem by committee. Instead, we relied on our entrepreneurial experience, our research, and (most importantly) our guts.

Then it clicked.

At first sight, the new logo was perfect. It felt dynamic. It really emulated the feeling we get within our company. We knew that if this is how it made us feel, it could only make our customers feel just as good.

What do we stand for?

Before we started the transition to a new brand, we were still unsure of who our ideal customer would be. Over time, we’ve realized that a lot of our client base weren’t folks who didn’t know anything about password management, but rather folks who did, but were looking for the best fit for them. Our re-brand reflects that person, and gives them what they want. Simply put, TeamPassword unlocks your team’s productivity.

Rest assured: we’re still the same great product with the same great team. We hope you appreciate the new brand and feel the same way about it that we do, keep your eye out for a number of great changes coming in the future!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop us a line. We would love to chat with you!