Important update from TeamPassword

We’ve been keeping a secret here are TeamPassword. (What can we say? It’s our job to keep things under lock and key.) We’ve been acquired by Jungle Disk and will be a part of their suite of services that they offer to small businesses.

What does all of this mean? To you, the customer, it means that your password management will continue to get better. You’ll still go to the same site, use the same extension, log in with the same info and have the same amazing experience. Working closely with Jungle Disk’s team will allow us to expand services and listen to all of your feedback to make your password management experience seamless and secure.

Thank you to each and every one of you. What launched out of a startup weekend in Baltimore is now a company with more than 35% international users, with the average client managing 147 system logins using TeamPassword — and saving, on average, 120 minutes when onboarding new employees. We’ve made amazing progress and we’re excited to grow what we’ve built with Jungle Disk.

Please join us in celebrating and get ready for an even better password management experience!

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